September 17th, 2010

Foundation of Cubarte and Canadian Cuban Green Bridge

Susan Franklin is pleased to present her personal art collection from artists of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba.

Susan first discovered Cuba 14 years ago, when she visited Cuba and fell in love with the people and historic town of Santiago de Cuba. Since then, the spirit of Cuba has enriched her life and inspired her interest in the art and culture of the Cuban people. Since then she has embarked on a spiritual and cultural journey, one upon which she hopes you will join her. Through her Cuban friends Susan has met and befriended many in the local art community. It is their work that she wishes to share with you.

The collection features over 100 rich and vibrant works from the eastern region of the country, frequently described as the heartland of Cuban culture. Geographically isolated from Havana, this area is often described as “campesino”, or country-like; the traditions of Afro-Cuban spiritualism inform and color their works.

The  artists represented in the collection range from self-taught ‘primitives’ to professionals in the field, including art professors and directors of institutes.

During the past 3 years Susan has organized exhibits for these artists, introducing the Niagara community to Orestes Larios Zaak and Jose Armando Medina at the Niagara Artists Centre.

To further develop this cultural exchange between these respective communities, the Niagara Artists Centre, CRAM, and Taller Cultural "Luis Diaz Odurardo" entered into an exchange to establish a cultural bridge between our respective communities whose purpose is to show and exchange through the visual arts, ideas and perceptions from two apparently different sociocultural contexts, on a theme of global concern, the environment. 

The following Manifesto, Cuban Canadian Green Bridge (CCGB), created, Feburary, 2008 outlines the foundation of this exchange. 
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Manifesto Foundation Team: Jose Armando, Lorenzo Jardines, Isreal Tamayo, Susan Franklin, Iliana Ponce

Susan Franklins formation of the Cuban Canadian Green Bridge Project, was inspired by the teachings of Jose Marti.  Marti represents a spiritual tradition whose commitment to Utopian aspirations continues to flow mercurially through the veins of the Cuban people . Sharing our cultures at a community based level sets the stage for letting go of egos and corporate and institutional self-interest while uniting communities, leading us to the possibility of discovering the  intrinsic values of our respective societies.

 CCGB is currently fundraising in order to facilitate this exchange.  Proceeds from the sale of the origional works donated by these artists will enable them to travel to Niagara in October, 2009.
Spomsorships are available. 

CCGB Creating a Cultural Exchange
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